workshops massage


with Lyn Austin
Saturday 9 am - noon
Sunday 9 am - noon
Massage Tent


with Emily Sirona
Saturday 4-7 pm
Sunday noon-3 pm

Hand Massage

With Faye Ogasawara
Saturday 1-4 PM 
Massage Tent


With Lainey Frydrych, Reiki Master/Teacher
Saturday 2-6 PM,  Sunday 1-5 PM
Second Massage Tent - check at Info for location / sign-up


Women's Circle

workshops hoops

• With Missy Cooke
• Friday, 5:30-6:30 PM 


A safe place for women to be heard, held, and honored. A place to find connection and community without judgment. Together we will explore the safety in holding on to old stories, and the freedom in letting go. You may wish to bring a yoga mat or towel, journal, or water bottle to this session. For the comfort of all attendees, this session is recommended for ages 14+.


Missy Cooke is a hoop dancer, teaching artist, fire dancer, and all-around creative from Mid-Michigan. As a teacher, mother, sister, and daughter, Missy has seen the power in holding space for openness, vulnerability and play with our peers. She has spent over 20 years working with, coaching, and supporting women and children to find the voice, strength, and courage to push past their fears and achieve their goals.


Museum of Living Trees and Their Understory

workshops art

A small corner of Frog Holler Farm near the Cabin where kids and adults can learn about the forest. Open from dawn to dusk for self-guided tours (signs, quiz, visual scavenger hunt). Guided tours by museum curator, Sybil Kolon (tours last about half an hour). Limited seating for contemplation;  the Faery Forest is nearby.

The Faery Forest

nature walk kids

The Holler Fest Faery Forest, tended by Mary Goode, has the ambience of an enchanted Celtic grove in the hills of Ireland. Children have the opportunity to help the wee folk by making houses for them using natural materials found in the forest as well as some imported natural materials (pine cones, acorns, small stones, feathers, cattails, dried and fresh flowers) to be found in containers by the bench. Donations of natural materials are always welcome. Find the Faery Forest near the Cabin and the Museum of Living Trees.



Look up at the stars this Holler Fest! Sarah Felder will introduce you to the night sky through stories, including ones from Ojibway, Arabic, Greek and Roman traditions.

Sarah “learned her stars” while sailing on tall ships. She was fascinated by the depth of tradition represented in the sky and strives to learn about the significance of the night sky throughout history and across the globe.

• Sarah Felder
• Friday, 11 pm (weather permitting)
• Meet at the Yurt

Nature Walk For Kids and Families 

nature walk kids

Kids and families will be guided along the trails of Holler Fest, discovering natural treasures along the way. The Museum of Living Trees and Faery Forest will be highlights.

• With Sybil Kolon
• Saturday, 1:30 PM
• Kids + Family Area

Wild Edibles Plant Walk

workshops edible2

Walk the trails of Frog Holler identifying edible plants that grow in the wild. Rachel Mifsud, of Will Forage for Food, has intimate knowledge of the bounty that awaits us in the woods and fields.

• With Rachel Mifsud
• Saturday, 2:00 PM
• Meet at Yurt

Oak Wilt Q&A

workshops edible2

Dr. David Roberts is a leading expert on Michigan plant diseases and pests. Here at the farm, we came to know him through unfortunate circumstances — an outbreak of Oak Wilt. Tree Doctor Dave (as we’ve come to know him) presented innovative remediation techniques to deal with the outbreak, which is currently under control. Stop by for an informal Q&A about oak wilt prevention and remediation.

• With Dr. David Roberts
• Saturday, 2:00 PM
• Meet at the Info Tent

Inspirations in Nature

inspirations in nature

Steven Parrish is a restoration ecologist at The University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum. He loves to share the spirit of the natural world and looks forward to guiding a nature walk that will identify trees, plants, insects, and ecosystems. Come with curiosity, ideas, and your wide-open senses!

• Steven Parrish
• Saturday, 3:00 PM
• Meet at the Yurt

Holler Birds

holler birds

Join biologist, naturalist and birder Jim Bull as we look and listen for birds that live in the Holler. No experience necessary, all ages welcome, bring binoculars if you have them.

Jim is the editor of Detroit Audubon’s natural history quarterly magazine, The Flyway; leads an average of two birding field trips per month for them, and serves as Environmental Policy Coordinator. He teaches Environmental Science, Biology, Geology, Astronomy, and Nutrition at Wayne County Community College and Macomb Community College. He holds a B.S in Biology from Adrian College, a M.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan.

• With Jim Bull
• Sunday, 7:00 - 8:00 AM
• Meet at the Yurt


Morning Yoga Flow

morning yoga

Caitie Shaughnessy-Parrish has been teaching yoga in Ann Arbor since 2007. She brings a love of movement, a sense of spiritual inquiry, and a desire to share the joys and immense benefits of yoga to her teaching. Suitable for newbies and long-practicing yogis alike!


Caitie is E-RYT 200, RYT 500 certified, and received her trainings through the Integral Yoga Academy at the Satchidananda Ashram. 

• Caitie Shaughnessy-Parrish
• Saturday, 8:30-9:30 AM 
• Big Tent on the Hill

HealingHeros Yoga for Kids with Jamee greer

workshops kripalu

HealingHeros Yoga offers a fun and interactive yoga experience! Imaginative stories, games, and live songs will introduce basic yoga concepts and postures. 

Jamie Greer is a certified RYT200 yoga instructor and offers regular yoga for kids classes at Jackson School of the Arts, as well as summer sessions at Yoga on Kibby and at Divine Pine Gathering 2022.

• Saturday, 9:30-10:15 AM
• Yurt

Yoga As We Grow Older

Yoga as we grow older

A close conversation among all of us in the group about the challenges of getting older and keeping our bodies and our minds fit and flexible to the “finish line."  As we age and find that the physical postures of yoga (asanas) require increasng modification, yoga stands ready with powerful practices to help us reduce stress in our lives and find that special yogic gift, potent calm. We will be guided by the eight-limbed program of yoga practices as outlined in the classic "Yoga Sutra" by Patanjali, ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time!

Dorothyann began practicing yoga in 1971, became a certified professional Kripalu Yoga teacher in 1994, and, after teaching at several facilities in in the Jackson and Ann Arbor area, now teaches at the U-M Turner Senior Center. In 2022, after a yoga life of fifty years, Dorothyann published Yoga As We Grow Older, available where Dorothyann teaches and at Holler Fest Merch!

• Dorothyann Coyne
• Saturday, 12:00 PM
• Yurt

Wake Up Yoga

wake up yoga

We will wake up the body, mind and senses together using the tools of standing asanas and with a focus on breath.

Marly Spieser-Schneider is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, dancer, farmer, organizer, and explorer of many things. She started studying Iyengar Yoga at a young age in Ann Arbor, then continued her training and certification on the East coast. Her curiosity leads her many places but the practice of Iyengar Yoga has become a major grounding and unifying force in her life. 

• Sunday, 8:30 - 9:30 AM
• Big Tent on The Hill

Kids Yoga with Cindy Caro

workshops kripalu

Cindy is a certified kids yoga instructor through Kidding Around Yoga and the owner of Yurty Yoga for Kids located in Grass Lake. With a background in early childhood and elementary education, she understands the benefits of stretching and breathing through yoga and meditation for young children. Cindy helps children with the tools they need to increase concentration, flexibility, strength and manage stress through fun and active poses, stories, music, and games.

• Suggested ages 3 and up.
• Sunday, 9:30 - 10:15 AM
• Yurt




Sat. 11 AM:  Sheila Graziano, of The CommonWealth Dance Collective, will be teaching a beginning Appalachian clogging workshop that is geared toward beginners.  The workshop will lay a foundation for traditional percussive dancing.   Closed-toe shoes recommended - well worn tennies or anything with a leather sole is great!  

Sun. 10:30 AM: The CommonWealth Dance Collective will present a show displaying various styles of traditional percussive dance, from Appalachian clogging to English waltzes, a trip back in time to the Vaudeville era, and a little visit north of the border into Canada for Ottawa Valley stepping.   Immediately following will be an “advanced beginner” workshop, for those who have the basics of percussive dancing and are ready to move on! Closed shoes recommended for workshop participants - well worn tennies or anything with a leather sole izs great!

Founded by Sheila Graziano in 2004, The CommonWealth Dance Collective (CDC) is an ensemble of stepdancers based in southeast Michigan.  The CDC performs myriad percussive dance styles, including Appalachian clogging, English, Canadian, American tap, Celtic, and more! Highlighting both historic and original choreography, the members of the CDC delight in capturing the spirits of the past and the present with equal enthusiasm, and sharing the joy of many cultures through dance. Performing and teaching both hold equally high value for the members of the ensemble.

• The CommonWealth Dance Collective
• Saturday 11:00 AM - Noon
• Sun. 10:30 AM - Noon
• Forest Stage

Whirling Dervish Morning Dance

with Mama Luna, Peter Madcat ruth, John Churchville, Laz Slomovits and Friends

mama luna

• With Mama Luna
• Saturday, 9:30 AM
• Second Holler

For all levels, ages, abilities, and disabilities! Welcome families, toddlers, children, teens, adults, elders (walkers and wheelchairs). If you always wanted to dance but haven't yet, or want to dance for hours and feel energized, or move in one place, learn the Whirling Dervish Secret! Start your day dancing your own unique style. Come and join the joy!!

Jeany Mama Luna Walker taught in Montessori school for many years(2 1/2 to 6 year olds as well as elementary.) She has danced in collectives, solo and presented workshops in sacred dance from many cultures and in the art of resist dying for all ages in the U.S., Canada, Brazil. Germany and Trinidad.


Didjeridu Playshop with Andjru

didjeridu playshop

Learn the lore of this ancient Aboriginal instrument along with having a chance to learn how to play.  A limited number of didjeridus will be provided and sanitized accordingly. Even if you don't have an instrument, Andjru's Playshops are informative and entertaining.

Andjru Werderitsch has been playing and teaching the didjeridu since 1994. His lifelong connection to music and movement, and an interest in Aboriginal culture, led him to travel and live in Australia and New Zealand for several years.

• Saturday, 10-11 AM
• Forest Stage

Rhythm and Play Circle

kat steih

A  structured musical improvisation class, geared towards adults, where we create musical forms on the spot using rhythmic body movements and vocalizing.

• Kat Steih
• Saturday - 11 AM - Yurt

Community Sing with Matt Watroba

matt watroba

The simple act of regularly gathering groups of singers—of all levels—to share songs, is a powerful and even transformational act which, when done properly, will heal your body and feed your soul.  All willing singers, at all levels of skill, can experience the power of song and musical participation. Singing is the perfect excuse to lay down the tablet, laptop, or remote control in order to get back in touch with the healing and nurturing aspects of music and community. All welcome!

• With Matt Watroba
• Saturday 2:00 PM
• Yurt

Family Drum Circle

lori fithian

Join percussionist Lori Fithian for Drummunity! She'll bring the drums, YOU get to play 'em!

• With Lori Fithian
• Sunday 10:30 AM
• Second Holler


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We'd like to dedicate this drum circle to the memory of our wonderful drumming friend, Jamie Rusling. Come ready to play, (drums provided) and also to share loving memories and stories about our time with him - whether it be playing together in a drum circle, recording studio, concert stage, or just seeing his friendly face in the market... Let's have a family jam for Jamie!

Play the Bones

san emily

San and Emily guide participants in playing this unique and accessible percussion instrument. “Bones” will be provided for the workshop and also available for sale.

• San and Emily
• Sunday, 12:30 PM
• Yurt

Singing Rounds

singing rounds 2

Angie and Chrissy Martin, well-known for their exceptional skills in the Holler Kitchen, have been singing together since before they both could talk. The sisters love to share the joy of song wherever they roam and are joined by Sarah Felder, skilled with camp songs and sea chanteys. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate in this rambunctious round-singing workshop!

• Angie Martin, Chrissy Martin and Sarah Felder
• Sunday, 2:20 PM, Forest Stage


Straw Panel Building


Last year, Oscar Bee presented a demonstration on Straw Panel assembly, where we got to see the process of creating the building blocks for a Straw Panel house. This year, he will be presenting the house itself! If you are interested in checking out the green building project-in-progress, meet at the Info tent on Saturday at 3pm for a 20 minute walk to the building site. Limited seating will also be available on our Courtesy Cart.

• With Emily Foley and Oscar Bee
• Saturday, 3:00 PM
• Meet at the Info Tent