Sing-Along for Compassion, Wisdom, Joy

nat needle

• With Nat Needle
• Sat. 1 PM & Sun. 1 PM
• The Yurt

Join Nat and his ukelele for call-and-response original songs, penned by Nat, that reflect joy, wisdom, and compassion.

Nat Needle is a former teacher at Clonlara, Ann Arbor’s beloved alternative school. He also completed the Maitreya Buddhist Seminary at Ann Arbor’s Zen Buddhist Temple. Nat trained in classical piano until he was 17, and then devoted himself to the study and performance of music rooted in the African-American experience from enslavement onward. Nat now resides in Worcester MA where he teaches piano to ages 5-senior and performs swing, blues, jazz standards, and anything else inspired by his eclectic background.