Mike Gentry & Chickenwire Canoe

Mike Gentry and Chickenwire Canoe will be performing their new Rock Opera, “Joey Wendt”.  Written in real-time from the beginning of the pandemic through the fallout of the last election, the story is told through the eyes of Joey Wendt - a middle-aged stockboy and member of the rock band, Chickenwire Canoe, whose carefree life was dramatically altered by the pandemic. Thus Wendt sets out on his quest for the truth, leading him into darkness.

Chickenwire Canoe is Mike Gentry, Brian Delaney, Tim Delaney and Tony Mitchell.

Holler StageSaturday, 2:10 PM, Holler Stage
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Jive Colossus

Shake a tail feather to some serious funk, jazz and Afro-Caribbean grooves with this 10-piece musical ensemble. Wherever Jive is playing, get ready for a dance party!

Holler StageFriday, 10:30 PM, Holler Stage

The Barbarossa Brothers

Sweet country finger picking and snarling blues riffs inspired by the streets of New Orleans with a reggae bounce.

Holler StageFriday, 9:20 PM, Holler Stage
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The Whiskey Charmers

A Detroit-based Americana band.

Second HollerSunday, 1:00 PM, Holler Stage

Michael Lee

A mime actor, an art he has practiced, shared and taught for over 30 years. Be transported into the rich non-verbal world of humor, pathos and surprise!

CabinSaturday, 11:30 AM, Cabin

Dick Siegel

With lyrics that range from wry to winsome, Dick's penetrating vision has made his songs part of the culture: radio theme songs, quotable classics, and instantly recognizable hooks. Named by WDET as one of “Detroit’s Top Musical Artists of All Time,” Dick has gained scores of fans across North America over the last 30+ years.

Holler StageSaturday, 4:30 PM, Holler Stage
CabinSaturday, 8:30 PM, Cabin

Jo Serrapere and the La Fawndas

Whether recreating old songs from the Mississippi Delta or performing songs in her own confessional style, Jo's music stands original while always reflecting her love of American roots music.

Second HollerSunday, 4:00 PM, Second Holler

Anne Erlewine

Michigan native singer-songwriter Anne Erlewine distills her lyrics, and sets them to simple, clever, cyclic guitar parts that support her clear, direct, and hauntingly honest voice. Her debut album ‘Over The Bones’ was released in September, 2019.

Second HollerSaturday, 2:00 PM, Second Holler
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Willy Nilly & the Free-For-All

AKA, Cheddar Bunnies, PTO and the Implements, NPK and the Trace Elements, Play by Ear and the No Rehearsals, Billy King and the Garden Tour Band

Holler StageSaturday, 10:20 PM, Holler Stage

Cold Tone Harvest

Featured as local performers at the 2020 Ann Arbor Folk Festival, Cold Tone Harvest serves up “...country-infused melodies and rhythms laced with a lush ambience ...and rugged baritone vocals traversing poetic lyric territory.” – Chris Dupont

Holler StageSunday, 6:50, Holler Stage

Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful

Misty Lyn Bergeron has penned haunting melodies over simple arrangements that traverse the gothic, literary fringes of American roots music.

Holler StageSaturday, 3:20 PM, Holler Stage

Earth Radio

Grand Rapids neo-soul group, Earth Radio combines elements of funk, rock, soul, and progressive jazz melded together into a new genre of "future soul"!

Holler StageFriday, 7:00 PM, Holler Stage

Judy Banker Band

With the acclaimed Jan, 2020 release of her latest CD, Buffalo Motel, Judy explores a countrified indie rock territory while resting firmly in her Americana roots. Judy’s friends (some of Ann Arbor's top musicians) provide a rich, sometimes driving, sonic landscape behind her penetrating and heartfelt lyrics.

Second HollerSunday, 3:00 PM, Second Holler


Rooted in traditional Irish music, Nutshell pulls in many other influences to create their own delicious stew. A Holler Fest tradition!

Holler StageSunday, 10:00 AM, Holler Stage

Shari Kane & Dave Steele

A four handed guitar party of original and time-honored blues, gospel, swing and ragtime.

Holler StageSaturday, 11:00 AM, Holler Stage
CabinSaturday, 5:30 PM, Cabin

Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet

With stunning musicianship and captivating world rhythms the Quartet takes audiences on a mesmerizing tour exploring music traditions from Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, India, Bulgaria and Greece. 

Holler StageFriday, 6:00 PM, Holler Stage
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Audra Kubat

A regular nominee and two-time winner of Detroit Music Awards, Audra Kubat is one of the Motor City’s select female voices, with folk-rock and indie pop stylings.

CabinSaturday, 7:30 PM, Cabin

Barefeet Bearfeet

With tangled manes and stories to match, these playful folks play playful folk in the key of Michigan.

CabinSunday, 12:00 PM, Cabin

Creole du Nord

Their sound can be traced to southwest Louisiana’s traditional music. Mix in some crossover oldtime tunes, add a dash of early Americana sounds and enjoy a jambalaya of music the way it tasted in the good ol’ pre-mass media days!

Holler StageFriday, 8:10 PM, Holler Stage

The Music of Jay Stielstra

Musicians and Jay's good friends - Judy Banker, Dave Roof, Rochelle Clark, and more TBA - will gather in the cabin to perform classic Jay Stielstra favorites, with Jay joining in for a song or two.

With songs compared to Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and John Prine, Jay's sound is his own, steeped in a childhood filled with gospel music and his years building houses and playing in Irish pubs. Dubbed "a Michigan treasure" for his Mitten-state originals, pure Americana acoustic music, and inimitable storytelling.

CabinSunday, 5:00 PM, Cabin

Greater Alexander

The path to achieving a dream can be a long, arduous journey. On it, you see remnants of those that have traveled before you. You see lost hope and altered courses. Indie­folk artist, Greater Alexander, has seen all of that and more.

CabinSaturday, 12:30 AM, Cabin

Shannon Lee & The Silver Linings

As an acoustic solo musician, collaborator and songwriter, Detroit native Shannon Lee draws from the deep well of roots music along with contemporary indie genres to inspire her songwriting. Supported by her band, Shannon Lee's original "heartspun" songs celebrate everything from love, heartache and loss to social and political issues. 

Second HollerSunday, 2:00 PM, Second Holler


Djangophonique is a musical project born out of reverence for the Parisian Jazz Manouche style that was made popular by the legendary Sinti guitarist Django Reinhardt and his Quintette du Hot Club de France.

Holler StageSaturday, 1:00 PM, Holler Stage
CabinSaturday, 11:30 PM, Cabin
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Monte Pride

Monte Pride is a Michigan-born, Michigan-based singer-songwriter & fingerstyle guitarist whose songs recall the delicate vocals of Simon & Garfunkel. Haunting melodies blended with vivid lyricism bring a complex array of healing, soul stirring song.

CabinFriday, 11:00 PM, Cabin


Ann Arbor based PATH plays melodically rich, original folk/soul music. Songwriter and guitarist Chris Hedly joins Tim Prosser on mandolin and Scott McWhinney on harmonicas for sweet vocal harmonies, handcrafted rhythms, and upbeat musical fun. Our concert is in memory of and celebration of PATH’s former percussionist - our good friend Don Allen.

CabinFriday, 6:00 PM, Cabin

Harper and Midwest Kind

Harper, award-winning Australian singer/songwriter, is known for his powerful soulful voice, masterful harmonica, and including the earthy percussive tones of the didgeridoo into his set. Harper's music expresses a deep dedication to the roots genre, but in a totally unique way.

Holler StageSunday, 3:20 PM, Holler Stage

Workshop, Harmonica and Didgeridoo
Interactive AreaSunday, 5:00 PM, Interactive Area


Matt Watroba & Robert Jones

Two masterful musicians and instrumentalists deliver a powerful message of love, friendship and tolerance. Matt and Robert have delivered their inspiring program of "Music That Matters" to schools and community groups across the nation. It is a walk through the roots and history of American music that not only educates, but entertains.

Holler StageSaturday, 12:00 PM, Holler Stage
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Kat Steih

Kat Steih, a songwriter and vocalist with folk rock roots, pushes boundaries as she creatively bends the genres of jazz,  soul, and progressive rock.

CabinSaturday, 1:30 PM, Cabin

Workshop: Rhythm and Play Circle
Interactive AreaSaturday, NOON, Interactive Area

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Anna Lee’s Co.

Rootsy blend of blues, funk, rock, jazz, and folk with a full band plus fiddle and lots of singing. Like a top notch campfire jam session, plugged in and rocking out. All invited to dance hard, and sing along!

Second HollerSaturday, 8:40 PM, Second Holler
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Rollie Tussing

    & the Midwest Territory Band

His raggedy brand of music is informed by the era of 78 rpm records, juke-joints, and street performers. He composes a lot of his own songs and has a knack for re-working an old obscure tune, finding beauty in the forgotten scratches, pops and grooves of his esoteric record collection.

Holler StageSaturday, 8:00 PM, Holler Stage

Dan Hall

One thing that stands out is the connection Dan can make with his audience whether it's around a campfire, on the radio, or in concert.

CabinSaturday, 6:30 PM, Cabin

Ancestral Voices

A percussion ensemble sharing heart felt and spirit driven original songs. Traditional folkloric poly rhythms of cultures around the world telling a story thru dance and awakening our world cultural awareness. Audiences will be left with wind blown hair and eyes wide open.

Holler StageFriday, 5:00 PM, Holler Stage
Interactive AreaSaturday, 8:00 PM, Interactive Area


Celtic mythology is the genesis for this band’s name and its attitude. The band’s leader and principal vocalist, Kelly McDermott, embodies attributes of Nessa, the Celtic goddess who transformed from a sweet, unassuming lass to a firebrand that any women’s empowerment group would love to have as its leader. She went about righting wrongs and turning bad situations to good.

Holler StageSaturday, 5:40 PM, Holler Stage
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The Dorkestra

Dork it up with this diverse group of musicians who combine Jazz, African, Latin and Funk into a unique dorking dancing experience!  

Second HollerSaturday, 9:10 PM, Holler Stage


“honey dipped and glitter-coated”

Second HollerSaturday, 4:00 PM, Second Holler

San and Emily

Traditional and contemporary folk, jazz and classical music. Their beautifully blended harmony vocals and exciting instrumental work breathe new life into a wide variety of American and international music, from folk to classical, klezmer to Broadway show tunes, traditional to contemporary.

CabinSaturday, 4:30 PM, Cabin

Vicki Dischler and Kristin Uthus

Lead singers for the legendary band, Black Train, before it left the station.

Second HollerFriday, 7:00 PM, Second Holler


Menefee has been crooning his way into the heart of Ann Arbor since the late ’60s, as well as building stone chimneys throughout the state, and starring in the Michigan-based musical “The North Country Opera.” Menefee holds a lexicon of American song craft in his set list and delivers the tunes in a charming, age-old easy manner.

CabinSunday, 4:00 PM, Cabin

Charlie Millard Band

Millard describes his band’s music as “bouncing around” rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, blues and film scores. His piano-based original songs have been described as “small movies for the ears” – lyrically compelling and supported by a cool roots rock vibe with blues undertones.

Second HollerSaturday, 5:10 PM, Second Holler
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Rochelle Clark & The Familiars

Steeped in musical roots of folk, Americana and country, Rochelle draws from personal experience to sing songs of real life - joy, struggle and human tragedy. A powerful voice joined with a personal message - either solo or with a full band - Rochelle offers music to inspire joy, inspiration, and reflection.

Holler StageSunday, 1:00 PM, Holler Stage
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Anne Heaton

Her graceful, vulnerable, and sometimes humorous pop-folk songs have captured audience imaginations for over a decade.

CabinSaturday, 2:30 PM, Cabin

Joshua Barton & The Seerstones

Joshua Barton is a long-time, mid-Michigan songwriter and performer drawing on folk, classic country, and experimental styles – inspired by the acoustic sounds of Townes Van Zandt and John Fahey, as well as bands like Spiritualized and Low.

CabinSaturday, 3:30 PM, Cabin

Seth Bernard

Seth Bernard has a uniquely Michigan anatomy: knee deep in glacier-folk with a belly full of whiskey and peaches smuggled from the root cellar of a '70s guitar god. Fingers resinous with fresh cut white pine, and sacred north star geometries whirling around his brow.

Born on April Fools Day, and playing the trickster-bard every day since, he's grown from a potent young Interlochen idealist into a black-bearded surprise-eyed psych-rocker singing the woods and water, souls and soils of the Great Lakes.

Holler StageSaturday, 7:00 PM, Holler Stage
CabinSaturday, 9:30 PM, Cabin

Violet Sol

A musical collective out of Ypsilanti mixing powerful vocals and thoughtful instrumentation ranging from hip-hop and neo soul to funk and jazz to folk and opera. You'll be glad you stayed up late.

Holler StageSaturday, 10:20 PM, Holler Stage


Upper Michigan mood music.

Holler StageFriday, 11:40 PM, Holler Stage
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Davy Rothbart/Found Magazine

Davy Rothbart is a bestselling author, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, the creator of Found Magazine, and a frequent contributor to public radio's This American Life. Rothbart is also the founder of Washington To Washington, an annual hiking adventure for city kids. An Ann Arbor native, he now lives in Los Angeles, California.

In Davy's entertaining presentation, he shares actual "found" letters, to-do lists, kid's homework, ticket stubs, receipts - all offering a glimpse into our everyday life - sometimes poignant, often humorous, and always real.

Holler StageSaturday, 6:30 PM, Holler Stage
Interactive AreaSaturday, 2:00 PM, Interactive Area - Tent

RamBull Rompers

The RamBull Rompers are a New Orleans based power duo that not only entertains the heart with their catchy and soulful songs, but can also warm an audience with their humor and relatability. Their songs are honest and heartfelt; their voices weave together so intricately one can't tell the difference between the two; their talents surpass the number of instruments they can play, almost all of which they are happy to feature in their live shows, switching regularly between the drums, guitar, banjo, and piano.

Holler StageSunday, 12:00 PM, Holler Stage
Holler StageSunday, 3:00 PM, Cabin

Gemini Kids Show

Performing since 1973 and now playing music for their third (or is it fourth?) generation of young fans and families.

Second HollerSaturday, 12:00 PM, Second Holler

Barker and Broski

Mike (Snyder-Barker) and Chris (Broski) are a musical duo of singer/songwriters that perform with a Zendrum (electronic drum kit) and classical guitar. Their unique tools bring a new perspective on original acoustic folk, rock, and country songs.

Second HollerSunday, 5:00 PM, Second Holler

Jonas Dainius Berzanskis

Jonas Dainius Berzanskis is a singer songwriter who is also a producer/engineer. He recently did a tour of his home country of Lithuania playing at the major event - the Bardu Festival. Jonas will be performing his own compositions as well as several tunes from David Tamulevich of Mustard's Retreat.. The tunes David wrote that Jonas will perform share their mutual Lithuanaian heritage. There might be a few surprise guests with Jonas..

Tree HouseFriday, 8:00 PM, Cabin
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Michael Shelata

Solo piano from the host of the Second Holler stage and The Ark’s open mic.

CabinSunday, 11:00 AM, Cabin

Johnny’s Gospel Hour

Songs and celebration, prayers and praise. With Johnny Walker, Holler Fest’s emcee for 14 years and counting.

Holler StageSunday, 11:00 AM, Holler Stage

Fangs and Twang

A stripped down roots-rock blend of indie-kicks and swinging bluegrass with theatrical, croony lyrics.

Second HollerSaturday, 7:30 PM, Second Holler

Nat Needle

My missions are to keep the great popular music of past decades alive, and to bring down unnecessary walls that separate all people from the full-spectrum experience of what it is to be human. Sometimes these goals can go hand-in-hand! Nothing brings people together across barriers like shared creativity!

CabinFriday, 9:00 PM, Cabin
Holler StageSaturday, 10:00 AM, Holler Stage

Mercury Salad with Shannon Lee

Mercury Salad has a simple approach to music: write tunes that make people groove and sing along. Their dreamy folk and funky acoustic sounds win them fans everywhere around Michigan.

Second HollerFriday, 6:00 PM, Second Holler

Milan Anderson

Milan started playing cello in the 90s. You can hear some of this musical background in the songwriter's adept finger-picking that softly swirls and loops into beautiful melodies, giving her soothing voice space to lift your spirit and calm your soul.

Second HollerSaturday, 1:00 PM, Second Holler

J. Michael & The Heavy Burden

Sounds are heavily steeped in Blues, Folk, Americana, Jam Rock, and acoustic/electric groove-swing-and the feel good vibes in-between.

Second HollerFriday, 8:00 PM, Second Holler

Joe Reilly

Music from the heart for people of all ages.

With Jamie Rusling and Jenny Jones
CabinSaturday, 10:30 PM, Cabin

Kid's Show, with Lori Fithian
Second HollerSunday, 12:00 PM, Second Holler


LaBeaux & Co.

If home is where the heart is, and the soul speaks to the heart, and Adam Labeaux sings to the soul, what does that mean?

Second HollerSaturday, 3:00 PM, Second Holler

Cold Mountain Child

Cold Mountain Child is a dream-folk duo writing songs inspired by the histories of americana, shoegaze, lo-fi, psychedelic and latin american protest music.  Their work explores inner/outer nature, human struggles, grief, liberation and interconnection.  Rooted in the woods of southwest Michigan, they’re currently working towards the release of their new album.  

Interactive AreaSaturday, 7 PM, Interactive Area

The Revelators

The Revelators are a new roots music group - Ralph McKee and Jill Baker - doing choice covers (everything from Dylan to Peggy Lee) and originals with a focus on interesting arrangements and vocal harmony.

CabinFriday, 7:00 PM, Cabin

Billy and Emily

Emily and Billy mix original songs with eclectic and vibrant covers by the likes of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and the Beatles, lending beautiful harmonies and sharing solos on several instruments, including guitar, banjo, fiddle, and mandolin.

CabinSunday, 2:00 PM, Cabin

Fay Burns and the Embers

Fiery, feminine, and fearless. Here to add hot honey to the tea blend that is the Americana genre.

Holler StageSunday, 2:00 PM, Holler Stage

Mike Ward

Lyrically-centric, vocally-charged folk songs. Those are what singer-songwriter Mike Ward loves to create. His writing echoes along empty sidewalks, on country backroads, in family portraits, and in the thin lines between joy and tragedy, love and loss, past, present and future.

CabinSaturday, 12:30 PM, Cabin

Black Jake & the Carnies

Think of a carnival, or indeed a carny, and it’s very likely that images of bearded ladies, mustachioed strongmen, trapeze artists, wolf boys, monkey mermaids and the like will come flooding into your mind. Add a healthy dash of punk rock and old-timey music, and you have Black Jake & the Carnies.

Holler StageSunday, 4:30 PM, Holler Stage

Timothy Monger

Melding subtle synth textures with elements of psych, folk, and jangling power pop, Monger explores themes of hope, struggle, and personal revelation in poignant observations that celebrate the weird odyssey of the self.

Second HollerSaturday, 6:20 PM, Second Holler

The Lucky Nows

Mixing contemporary folk, traditional country, gypsy scales, oatmeal raisin cookies and extreme sleep deprivation to create a totally unique sound.

Friday, 10:00 PM, Cabin

The Dave Boutette Showband

Dave Boutette’s celebrated Showband has been Dave’s way of letting folks know he’s more than a nice little artist for nice little audiences in nice little venues. With some friendly encouragement, Dave put together an outfit of crack players whose sole purpose is to make folks yell out loud, dance, sing along, and then yell some more ’til way past their bedtimes.

Holler StageSunday, 5:40 PM, Holler Stage

Elisabeth Pixley-Fink

EPF’s songs are heartbreaking and heart-making, hitting you in the chest with guts, trust, and hunger.

Second HollerFriday, 9:00 PM, Second Holler

J. Washburn Gardner

Classically-trained tenor J. Washburn Gardner expands his solo act to share the stage with Melissa Gardner on the mandola.

Interactive AreaSunday, 4:00 PM, Interactive Area

Hearth & Hymn

A minimalist folk duo known for their close harmony sisterhood, Hearth & Hymn rearranges old songs that move them with a queer, feminist lens.

CabinFriday, Midnight, Cabin

Singing Rounds

Angie and Chrissy Martin, well-known for their exceptional skills in the Holler Kitchen, have been singing together since before they both could talk. The sisters love to share the joy of song wherever they roam and are joined by Sarah Felder, skilled with camp songs and sea chanteys. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate in this rambunctious round-singing workshop!

Interactive AreaSunday, 2:00 PM, Interactive Area

Relics of the Future

Relics of the Future present a cornucopia of original songs with some unusual covers mixed in.

Second HollerSunday, 11:00 AM, Second Holler

Lauren Crane

About the Music: Singing songwriter Lauren Crane’s music is like a day at the amusement park, packed with a collection of songs that offer everything but a sleeve of fat fries and a corn dog. Lauren’s songs take you up and down and round and round, a tilt-a-whirl of folk, blues and bluegrassiness. Whether singing about a blackmailing laundress, a bovine queen or buzzing bumble bees, her songs which she plays on a variety of ukuleles, have been known to inspire a guffaw or two and offer up a few surprises.

Interactive AreaSaturday, 6 PM, Interactive Area