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hfmap2017There are three camping areas at Holler Fest, all a short walk from the action. See the Holler Fest layout.

Hill Camp overlooks our back garden and has a designated area for family/quiet camping. Space is limited so, if you are car camping or pulling a small camper, please park in the designated campsites. Campground volunteers will be available at Hill Camp to assist you. If you are tent camping, consider unloading at your camp site and then parking your car in a nearby parking lot.

Forest Camping is available in two wooded campsites for walk-in tent camping with parking nearby.

RV Campers: The Holler Fest site is located at the end of a half-mile driveway which is narrow with sharp turns. Large vehicles can be tricky to maneuver. Please contact us if you are bringing a large RV.

Camping with RV hook-up is also available at Hayes State Park, just three miles away. 

Please note: camping at Holler Fest is rustic. There is no electricity, and cellphone service is limited for some carriers. There are porta-johns and water for hand washing nearby. Drinking water is available at a centrally located water station.

No bonfires or pets please.

Leave no trace!

image000000This is a photo of how much trash was left after a previous Holler Fest - not much for a weekend of food and merriment. But let's see if we can get that down to zero this year! We will have a limited amount of receptacles around the Holler Fest site for trash and recycling, but we appreciate it if you "pack it in, pack it out"!