2018 partial lineup - more names to be added!

Algorithm Andru Bemis Anne Heaton Annie and Rod Appleseed Collective Audra Kubat Bowdish Brothers Chris Good Cold Tone Harvest Conspicuous Bystanders CORNDADDY   CREOLE DU NORD Dan Hall Dave and Shari Dave Boutette Dick Siegel Dorkestra  Fangs and Twang Frank Allison Friends with the Weather Gemini Isosceles Jay Stielstra Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish   JIVE COLOSSUS Jo Serrapere Joe Reilly Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery Judy Banker Kameryn Ogden Libby DeCamp Liquid Monk Magdalen Fossum May Erlewine Trio Micah Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful Olivia Mainville & the Aquatic Troupe Path Raisin Pickers Ricky Olmos Rollie Tussing San, Emily and Jacob Shannon Lee Switchbacks Sydney Burnham Team Love The Cosmic Flavours The Lucky Nows The Madcat Midnight Blues Journey Timothy Monger West Park Music Society Wire in the Wood