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The Holler Fest kids tent is designed for children to come and explore at their own pace. A place with a wide range of natural materials and art supplies children can use to create what their minds imagine. The kids’ activities extend through the weekend and throughout the festival grounds. From classic storytime in the yurt to nature hikes there is something for everyone!

Note To Parents

The Kids Tent provides games and activities but not babysitting. If you are uncomfortable leaving your kid(s) alone, please join them at the Kids Tent.

In the interest of providing Holler Kids a safe and fun festival, we are asking for an emergency contact phone number for all kids 12 and under. This information will be filed at the Info tent in case the Kids Tent Coordinator or the Medical Team need to reach a parent or guardian at the festival. You can provide this information at the gate.

Kids Tent Activities

Face Painting

Saturday and Sunday afternoon

Lots of crafts and projects!

Yard games, sandpile, badminton

Fairy houses in the forest

workshops luna

• Mama Luna and musician friends
• Saturday, 10:00 AM
• Second Holler

¡Want to Start Dancing or Dance All Night With Joy, not fatigue!

Mama Luna draws on a lifelong love affair with dance, exploring many styles and almost any style from folk to African, Sacred Dance to Square Dance, Ballet to Jazz, and good ol' rock n' roll. Principles of the Rumi-inspired Whirling Dervish spinning meditation are also shared. All ages and levels, including never danced, welcome! Live Music with Peter Madcat Ruth, Stefan Kukurugya and more!


workshops kripalu

• Cindy Caro 
• Sunday, 9:30-10:00 AM
• Second Holler

Kids Yoga

Cindy is a certified kids yoga instructor through Kidding Around Yoga and the owner of Yurty Yoga for Kids located in Grass Lake. With a background in early childhood and elementary education, she understands the benefits of stretching and breathing through yoga and meditation for young children. Cindy helps children with the tools they need to increase concentration, flexibility, strength and manage stress through fun and active poses, stories, music, and games.

Suggested ages 3 and up.


nature walk kids

• Elizabeth Keller
• Saturday, 10:00 AM

• Sybil Kolon
• Sunday, 11:00 AM 

• Meet at Kids Tent

Nature Walk For Kids

Kids will be guided along the trails of Holler Fest, discovering natural treasures along the way. The Tree Museum and Fairy Houses in the Forest will be highlights.


Joe Reilly Kids Show

Joe’s positive and uplifting lyrics are served up with the catchy tunes and upbeat rhythms that all kids love.

Second HollerSaturday, 1:00 PM, Second Holler


Gemily - Family Show

Featuring San, Laz and Emily Slomovitz. Traditional and contemporary folk, jazz and classical music, and Broadway show tunes.

Second HollerSaturday, 12:00 PM, Second Holler