Dear Holler Fest community,

We have all watched Holler Fest grow from a small gathering of close friends to a large community of like minded people. During this time, all of the infrastructure, planning, coordinating and food preparation has been done by members of the King family with help from friends and neighbors. We now must adapt to keep up with state legal requirements, stay on good terms with neighbors and keep everyone safe.

We are working to make this transition possible, but at the moment things are up in the air. We have set a tentative date for August 25-27 for this year’s festival, and we are optimistic that things will fall into place. Our hope is that these changes will not affect the spirit of the festival, which has always been welcoming, intimate and friendly for all ages.

We need help with transition. If you have grown to love Holler Fest over the years – or if you’re new to the festival and already love it – thank you for your support and positive energy! If you see a way to increase that support by donating your time, money, skills,  or ideas, please get in touch. We are especially in need of construction, food service, legal service, non-profit and fundraising skills, and outside-the-box ideas.

And a big thanks to all of you who have given so generously and creatively to Holler Fest. We truly wouldn’t have come this far without you!

The King Family
March, 2017